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  • Hard Work Makes Successful Blogs

    Blogging requires a lot of time and energy to generate quality contents.
    Whether it aims at sharing your thoughts or skills, being part of a promotion campaign, or generating income, your personal involvment usually goes beyond the simple hobby.
    These endeavors translate into the quality of your texts. As a payback, this quality produces an efficient natural search engine optimization (SEO), and therefore a fair amount of readers.
    This popularity certainly increases your importance in the domains you address. Some bloggers even choose to use this popularity to generate a main or complementary revenue.
    These earned benefits will remain exclusively yours as long as you secure your intellectual property.
  • Unauthorized Copy Hurts Your Work

    The unauthorized copy of your posts or articles put all these benefits at risk.
    The scattering of your articles, in itself, jeopardizes the positive effects of natural SEO. The direct consequence is a less favorable ranking of your site in search engines results. In addition, copyright infringers usually avoid to add references to your blog, whether as a backlink or as a citation of your name. The immediate result of this unauthorized copy is a negative impact on the amount of visits your blog may receive, hence a loss of all the benefits that you should expect.
    Ultimately, this fraudulent copy of your text can be associated with a forged copyright notice that would wrongfully set its authorship to someone else. The text might even have been slightly modified to give the change. Not only does this someone steal your work, but he also claims the associated rights and tries to hide his forfaiture. He negates your rights to all the benefits connected to this text.
  • Optimizing Copy Protection

    CPROTEXT is technically the only efficient solution to the above issues. The example page will give you a fairly objective experience of CPROTEXT efficiency.
    If you happen to publish a productive blog and you value your intellectual property, the CPROTEXT service is available as monthly packages customized to your publication rate. These packages ensure that the texts you want to protect will have full priority in the CPROTEXT service processing queue. Use our contact form to get futher details.
  • Protecting every text you publish is not necessarily the right policy to adopt for your blog. Some of your blog posts may aim at broadcasting important information to a vast amount of people, and this goal may override the requirement to protect your intellectual property. It is your prerogative to define how your articles can be spread: the whole idea behind CPROTEXT is to keep you in control of your texts, not for us to impose a controlling framework on you or your readers.