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  • Your Corporate Website Is Your Company

    The public image of your company leans strongly on its official corporate website. It represents your products and your values, as well as the people that contribute to its success.
    Time and money have been spent to design the most appropriate website that faithfully reflects your views and expectations in keeping this company successful.
    As the main entry point of current and prospect customers, these investments are rightfully expected to benefit your company and your company only.
  • Website Duplication Hurts Your Company And Your Brand

    Intellectual property laws are meant to legally protect your website from fraudulent copy. But once it has been duplicated somewhere else, the harm is done before you can initiate any legal actions: your products or services are counterfeited and sold by another company, and your brand is immediately affected.
    If duplication of data such as images or videos can not be helped, they can be watermarked to easily expose the infringers. But text protection is a different issue to address. if available in the code of your webpage, or by any other way for browsers to rebuild their digital form, the descriptive texts of your website will be copied.
  • Designing A Copy Protection Policy

    CPROTEXT service, contrary to other protecting solutions, relies on a technology that won't allow browsers to have access to the original digital form of your protected texts.
    CPROTEXT can then act as a preventive solution to legal actions. The protected texts of your website are unavailable to automatic crawlers. Moreover, if visitors succeed in selecting any part of these texts, their pasting attempts will only result in inconsistent data. You can verify this statement by checking the CPROTEXT example page.
  • Beware that a global protection of your website may not always be the most relevant protection policy.
    It may be counterproductive to refrain your customers to copy and paste some key information such as email or postal addresses, and phone numbers.
    You may also choose to publish specific information that you wish to see widely broadcasted in order to improve your impact on a specific market.
    For these and many other reasons that you only can be aware of, the protection of a corporate website implies to define an accurate policy that will balance your protection and communication requirements. This involves more than simply submitting your texts to the CPROTEXT online service.
    The CPROTEXT service for websites protection includes an assistance in the definition of your protection policy and a full year support for any modifications that you could make to your website.
    Contact us so that we can have the opportunity to work with you towards the best solution to your specific expectations.