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  • Control Your Contents

    CPROTEXT gives you back full control over the texts you publish on your websites.
    CPROTEXT enforces your copyright by forbidding the selection and copy of your texts whatever the browser used. Moreover, web crawlers and other robots are denied any access to your texts.
    To achieve an efficient SEO, search engines are offered a specific paragraph not displayed by browsers.
  • Maximum Copy Protection

    CPROTEXT forbids the selection and/or copy of the protected texts. The example page explains and demonstrates that even if text selection can't be prevented, the copy will result in any case into an inconsistent set of characters.
  • Independence

    CPROTEXT does not enforce unnecessary links to its service.
    Your protected texts are yours forever. Once they are generated by CPROTEXT, their integration within your websites as well as their display in a browser remain independent of any connection to our servers.
  • Web Standards Compliancy

    CPROTEXT complies with web standards. The protected texts are only composed of valid HTML and CSS, and do not require any JavaScript code:
    • W3C XHTML 1.0
    • W3C CSS 2.1
    • No JavaScript
    CPROTEXT is then compatible with most modern graphical browsers, among which:
    • Firefox
    • Opera
    • Chrome
    • Safari
    • Internet Explorer
  • Flexible Pricing

    Activate the Pay-What-You-Want policy? when submitting your texts, so that your CPROTEXT experience is paid your fair price.
    When satisfied with the CPROTEXT service, your prepaid account will allow you to submit texts you wish to protect, for the unique price of 3.00 € by protected text (V.A.T. excluded), whatever its complexity.
    Some specific websites may require text protections on a regular basis. For such usage, several packages are currently worked on.
  • Easy Process

    Protect your text with CPROTEXT by simply uploading the HTML code of your original text (max. 100 Ko).
    Choose the font you want this text to be displayed with?.
    Integrate the resulting HTML and CSS code in your website.
  • Full Integration

    Use our free libre open source tools for full integration in your publishing platforms.
    If your platform is not supported yet, our API is freely avaiblable for you to develop a specific integration tool.
    If you happen to miss the required skills to complete this task, feel free to contact us.