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  • Original Articles Makes The Web

    Daily news, economics, technologies, sciences, fashion, life styles: these are the subjects brought to millions of readers on a regular basis by numerous periodicals and news websites. Whether redacted by paid professionals or by dedicated benevolent contributors, they provide genuine and original articles which participate to the diversity of opinions and styles that makes the web so enriching.
    The economic success of these websites relies on their popularity: the more visitors they manage to attract, the more they generate revenue. Exclusive contents which bring these visitors, and therefore the ability to protect these contents, are key elements to their success.
  • Aggregators Are Your Best And Your Worst Friends

    As a provider of genuine contents, they are the privileged targets of news aggregators which build their popularity upon the work of others. Paradoxically, these aggregators can become hubs that bring back a lot of visitors to these websites. Defining the right policy in terms of technical protection is then limited to choosing between a registration based access and a public access. Either way, once the access is granted, the text becomes available to copy.
    Actually, the only current texts protections on periodicals and news websites is of legal form. Copyrights, or similar intellectual property protection laws, are formally transcribed in a "Terms of Use" section. Unfortunately, while only few readers really go through and understand these sections, web crawlers and aggregators are bound to ignore them. As a matter of facts, these legal sections remain useless when it comes to technically enforce the policy they describe.
  • Giving Them Contents Of Your Choice

    CPROTEXT proposes an efficient and flexible technical protection that gives back full control over their publications to website editors. CPROTEXT let you decide what is available to aggregators and what is exclusively readable to your real visitors.
    As demonstrated on our example page, texts are also protected when displayed by browsers. This way, CPROTEXT forbid any attempt to copy and paste protected texts.
    CPROTEXT service integration within your publication process is made easy and transparent thanks to a strict compliance with web standards, whatever the publishing platform in use.
    Each website having its own publication rate, the CPROTEXT service for periodicals and news websites is proposed through monthly or yearly customized packages. They include a private server exclusively dedicated to the protection of text submitted for the concerned websites. Use our contact form to get futher details.